Workday Camp

Workday Camps are provided for those days when your school age children (Grades K-5 only) are on a scheduled day out of school for a holiday, teachers’ workday, on intercession or are on a school break. Workday Camp is provided Monday – Friday, 7:30am to 6:00pm. Snacks are provided. A peanut free bag lunch is required (preferably non-microwavable). Workday Camp require advanced reservations.


1 Child $240.00 wk.
2 Children $220.00 wk.
3 Children $200.00 wk.
4 Children $190.00 wk.

WORKDAY CAMP DAILY (Same day requests are granted on a space availability basis, and are subject to a Drop-In Workday Camp Fee of $5.00 per child)

1 Child $60.00 day
2 Children $115.00 day
3 Children $165.00 day
4 Children $210.00 day