Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to keep your reservation, please cancel a day in advance to avoid a “Cancellation Fee.” Same day cancellations will result in a “Cancellation Fee” which is equivalent to an hour at the UNRESERVED rate for the number of children that are reserved.

Late Policy:

If you are running more than 15 minutes late, please call us at 910-758-1055. When you arrive late without calling ahead, your  reservation may no longer be available. Late arrivals that are accepted must understand that the original pickup time stands. Oftentimes, there is another family scheduled to arrive when your original reservation is scheduled to end. Adhering to the requested reservation time is critical, as persons picking up late or extending without prior consent can compromise ratio requirements.

No Show Policy:

Families that “No Show” will incur a “No Show” Fee. The “No Show” Fee will be equivalent to the rate of the scheduled reservation.