• Do I need a reservation?
YES, due to ratio restrictions ad continued Covid-19 protocol.
  • Can I change my time within 1 hour of my reservation?
Only if space permits.
  • Can I reserve the same day?
Same day reservations by phone, FB request, or drop – in are subject to space availability at the un reserved rate!
  • If I’m late, does my 4 hours start them? 
NO! Your reservation ends at the end of the your requested time. With ratio restrictions, others may be reserved immediately following your reservations. If space is available it will be subject to the unreserved rate!
  • Are meals provided?
No, due to Covid-19, meal service has been suspended! Please bring a baggie meal ( NO NUTS, Non microwavable)! Lunch: 12:20pm – 12:30pm! We provide a lite snack at 9am, 3pm and  6pm. After-Schoolers have their snack upo arrival around 3:45pm.
  • Can I reserve for more than 4 hours? 
NO! Not for drop-in.
  • Are you still doing Date Night!
Yes, currently in Fayetteville on the 1st Friday every month. Open til 9pm! In Garner every Friday and Saturday. Open til 9pm!
  • What are your current hours?
Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm 
Saturday 10am – 6pm 
  • Do any of the teachers have their first Aid/CPR?
Yes, we require all teachers to be First Aid and CPR certified.
  • At what age will you potty train my child?
When the child shows signs of beig devlopmentally ready to potty train, which can start as early as 1 year old.